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Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness

Instructor Training


Are the person people call when things go sideways

Are the person on social media when things go wrong... fire, flood, blizzard, heat wave... that are ready to help at the drop of a hat

Are the person who wishes they could do more to help animals in emergency situations

Are the person who donates their time and energy to helping those in need

Are the person who feels the need to help educate people in how to deal with emergency situations..... maybe you've been through one yourself....

Are EXACTLY who we are looking for!

Join our team of Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Instructors!

The details:

Course Fees: $1,599.00 - fully tax deductible - SPECIAL UNTIL DEC 15 - $1299 while space available!

Course Length: 2 full days plus pre-course study

Pre-requisites: Check here if you're eligible to apply

Course calendar

Apply now: YES! I want to help horses and livestock in emergencies!