"Confidence is a feeling, that comes from with in, and we all have it"


Making the Decision!

Change only comes from within and you making the decision is the first step. We have to accept the fact that we are exactly where we have put ourselves. We are on the path that is meant for us.

Making the decision to change sounds simple, but I can personally attest that it is not! I made the decision that I wanted to get my confidence with horses back. How I was going to do this??

………I had no idea. I needed to break this down into very small goals.

My first goal was to spend time with my horses EVERYDAY!! What did that mean, I needed to be specific?

It didn’t matter how busy I was, if it was daylight or not, if the weather was ugly, if my husband fed and checked them and any other excuse that I could come up with I needed to at least see the horses every single day. I thought that this “might” not help me but I thought it was definitely not going to hurt anything.

There were a couple things that I started doing, they were simple and familiar. It gave me a purpose. Here are the things that I started with;

 Brushing & Combing

» It is extremely therapeutic to brush a horse from nose to tail. While you are brushing them don’t think about “cleaning” them, let your mind get quiet, focus on the brushing, watch the brush move over their coat.

» If you have Young Living Essential Oils around, I suggest you put a drop of “Peace & Calming” in your hands and take a nice deep breathe, then hold your hands by your horses’ nose so they can smell it as well.

» Don’t forget to comb out their mane and tail as well, the repetitive stroking of the tail will be relaxing.

» Doing this is going to give you a feeling of confidence because you will be doing something for your horse that isn’t a “need” you have done this because you made the decision to brush them (no matter how long you take, whether it be 5 or 50 minutes, this is your time enjoy it) and you COMPLETED it. Any time we complete a task we get the feeling of confidence, it doesn’t matter how big or little or what the task was, as long as we completed it.

 Cleaning horses Hooves

» Cleaning a horse’s hooves will give you a feeling of confidence because you not only get the satisfaction of “cleaning” the hoof, but you also have just done something that is going to be beneficial to your horse’s health.

» I love using one of the hoof picks with the brushes on the back because once you have the hoof cleaned then you can brush it out and it is another level of satisfaction, which turns into confidence!

 Heart Rate

» This is one of the best things to do when you are having a tough day and just really need to calm yourself down!! TRUST ME!!! The reason that this is so calming is because it takes a lot of focus to find the heart rate and when you a focusing on the pulse to do the counts it will automatically calm you down, because you will be counting in a consistent beat.

» Finding and recording (if you choose) the heart rate will help you feel confident because it takes focus & knowledge. Focus to count the beats and knowledge because you need to know where and how to find it. Recording the heart rate will also give you a sense of accomplishment know that one day this might help your horse if they are having a health issue.

 Walking

» Putting a halter on your horse and taking them for a walk. You don’t even need to leave their pasture for this. Lot’s of times I would put the halter on a horse and take walk her/him down to the water bowl.

» The reason I would do this was to just have a purpose, sometimes it wasn’t enough for me to just go and be with them, I needed to “do” something and this allowed me to have the feeling of accomplishment, which changes in to confidence.

» When you are walking one of your horses make it a purposeful walk. You can check that they are walking with you, not that you are dragging them along. You can work on teaching them how to walk at your left AND right shoulder. Work on teaching them how to trot along side of you and that it is there job to stay at your shoulder (if that’s where you like them to be)

» Walking your horse is good for their health and for yours!

 Watching them Eat

» This may sound weird; however, this is so therapeutic. When you focus on their chewing and just watching them wiggle their nose around to get just the right number of crumbs.

» This also allows you to be still. We feed our horses off of round bales and my favorite spot is to lean up against the bale and just watch.

» You also get to watch the head horse (usually a mare if you have a mixed herd) put everyone in their spot. The interesting thing about watching this process is that you realize that there are no hurt feelings, everyone just goes to their spot and stays there to finish their meal. They don’t hold on to that anger, they just simply let it go………We could learn A LOT from that.

 Taking Pictures

» Taking pictures of your horses will allow you to sit back and look at their beauty.

» I am NO photographer but the odd time I will come away with a pretty great picture and I use it as a screen saver or a picture on my phone. That way when I open my computer or phone and see that picture it will take me back to that moment of peace and quiet and joy!!

 Shoveling POO!

» As horse people we know we shovel a LOT of poo!! If we make the decision that this isn’t the worst job, we can actually learn to enjoy it.

» AND, you get such satisfaction from doing it and completing it.

» Knowing that you are cleaning stalls, or cleaning their feed area, or barn etc. etc. gives you the confidence to know that you are taking care of your horses.

 Check the Fence

» When you need to just get out and change your energy because you are feeling angry, anxious, frustrated and you know that being around your horses isn’t going to help you or them. Taking a walk around your fence line will allow you to “cool off” or “calm down”.

» While you are doing this, you are going to get a sense of duty because you know that you have to check your fence lines anyways at least once a year and now you are just doing it while helping yourself work through your emotions.

» If your horses are in a paddock, stall or a smaller space you can walk around with a glove on your hand and rub your hand along the walls to make sure there are no nails or any wood sticking out.

Once you start spending a few moments every day with your horses you will just keep finding things to do with them, for them and most importantly for yourself.

Just try this and make a note of where you are after 30 days, even 10 days I would be that you would feel a difference in yourself.

I will leave you with this thought today,

You are always one DECISION away from a TOTALLY different Life!