Miranda Wiens

Flatlander Equine is Miranda Wiens.

I grew up on a farm near Macklin, Saskatchewan.  We always had horses on the farm.  My brothers used to chuckwagon and chariot race, my Dad rode horses and then the later years in his life he had a team of Percherons named Kernal and Chester that we drove all over!!  I would love to know how many miles that we actually put on those horses!

Kernal & Chester really started my love for horses, they were these two big, black, gentle giants!  Anytime I would walk up to them they would drop their heads right down to my level and greet me with a soft nose.  I was hooked!!

• Miranda lives on a farm in rural Saskatchewan with her husband Mike, they have 2 children, daughter Kelsey and son Christopher.

• Miranda grew up with horses and has found a passion for Cowboy Mounted Shooting winning a Canadian Title in 2017!

• Miranda has a true passion for working with people and horses. She was a 4-H Light Horse leader for 11 years and is an Infrared Light Therapy Worker on horses and humans.

• Miranda has been a Certified Equine First Aid Instructor since 2015 and is the Northern Alberta Affiliate.

• Horses are always looking for a leader………. why not let that be you!