"Confidence is a feeling, that comes from with in, and we all have it"


Time to Climb ON!!​

Who just got a little knot in their stomach………? that’s ok!!

Before we can get on the horse, we need to make sure that they will stand for us to do so!

This is something that we work on from the ground and is started with an exercise that you can do when you are spending your daily time with your horse.

Take your horse into a pen so that if they start to walk away, they can’t get away on you. The goal is to be able to drop your horses rope in front of them and be able to walk around, away and back to them without them moving their feet. This is something that some horses will take to right away and some it is going to take some time. Again, start with baby steps.

 Drop the rope and tell your horse to “stand”, move to their shoulder and go back

» Continue with this exercise and keep moving further and further away and in all directions.

» Remember if you are standing in front of your horse you need to turn and walk away because if you keep facing them when you are backing away that will draw them in to you.

» Personally, my routine with my horse is to drop the rope, tell Pearl to “Stand” (with a firm voice), I put my hand up like I am giving her a high five, and then move away. If I am walking across a big pen I will turn and check on her, I will then reassure her that she is doing the right thing by saying “stand” and raising my hand again. **this is not something that I do out in the open, there are too many things that can go wrong**

 Short Girl Problems

» Short girls usually end up with tall horses, so I like to start this mounting exercise by standing on a stable/sturdy stool/block. This makes it easier on you and your horse.

 Remember the exercise we were doing to check our horse for “give”, now this is where it is going to come in handy.

» Get yourself positioned beside the stirrup, bring your horses head around, tell them to stand and attempt to put your foot in the stirrup. Pay attention to your horses’ reaction and how you are feeling. If you just got full of nerves, that’s ok. Because all we are doing right now is making sure that our horse will stand while we mount, we have no intentions past that.

» If your horse moves, start over again, and again and again if necessary. If you feel overwhelmed with nerves practice this over and over.

» Once your horse keeps all their feet still and you don’t get nervous, put your weight into the stirrup and get up on the side of the horse, don’t climb all the way on, step back down. It is important to check yourself at this point to make sure that you are still feeling confident, if you are and your horse is still mount all the way on!!

 If you have made it to this point feeling confident and a sense of accomplishment CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

The next part is getting your horse to stand still until YOU ask them to move!!! If this is something that your horse has a huge issue with you may want to ask a friend for help. What you will want to do is mount the horse while someone is holding them. You want to make sure that the friend is going to be someone who will be able to stay relaxed and calm during the whole process, someone who is going to be extremely patient and won’t get frustrated if you have to do it a few times.

Letting our horses walk off before we have asked them shows them that we are not the leader, horses are quick to learn so this is something that should be practiced EVERY time you mount.

When you are mounted reassure your horse once again by telling them to “stand”, if they walk off you must bring them back to the exact spot that you mounted them from and ask them to stand, if they are not used to standing patiently this is an exercise you are going to have to keep doing until they are standing. Once they are standing, only ask them to move once they are calm and relaxed, I like to count in my head and if this is something that we struggle with I will pick the number before I get on. When I first got Disco, I literally started this exercise with a goal of counting to 10……. then slowly moved up to 15, 20 etc. etc.

It is my belief that if you have done everything up to this point at your own pace, and haven’t rushed anything that you should be feeling very confident about where you are at.

I will leave you with these thoughts,

Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening!